The future of Moderators is here – Lawrence Precision.

After many months of discussions we have finally agreed an exclusive demonstration facility with Lawrence Precision Moderators. These phenomenal moderators have to be seen, handled and used to be believed. They are half the weight and size of some of the well-known brands as well as being considerably stronger and come in three different sizes from the ultra slimline Aurora to the larger Eclipse with the Nexus falling in the middle. From Monday next week we will have the Aurora and the Nexus mounted on Blasers at the range. Once again quality costs, but when you’ve bought a couple of T8’s you will still have your LP mod which incidentally comes with an original owner lifetime guarantee. The workmanship that goes into each unit is stunning with every one individually crafted with the latest high tech CNC cutting machines. Individual requests can be accommodated with extra baffles added during the build. Simon also undertakes thread cutting and re-crowning carried out on the same CNC machines often with no charge when fitting a mod. As with everything we recommend, we test it thouroughly before we put our name to it and recommend it to clients, we only use products that give us an advantage for whatever reason whether that be increased accuracy or weight saving – in this case it was both! Please use the link below until our Links page is updated. Please call for a demo of these incredible moderators

Lawrence Precision Moderators

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