October DSC 1 course update

When we started doing the Level 1 courses we had no idea how popular our format would be. Rather than the two whole weekend approach which must be really popular for the family person or the midweek approach meaning four days holiday or lost income, we settled for a smaller group size which is more personal and means we can cover what we have to in a quicker time, 3 days, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. The July course was full within a week, the September course is now also full (subject to no cancellations) and the October course is already half full. So, if you want to do the course with experienced stalkers in a friendly, relaxed environment and take the shooting test on a local range with shelter and tea and coffee facilities rather than drive over an hour to a windy wet featureless range then come and join us, we also try to select our dates to fit in with stalkings essential dates like the beginning of the doe season, bonfire night for those who have families and so on. After the October course is full we will probably wait until the new year (unless demands dictates otherwise), as always we will listen to what our clients actually want and do our best to help.

Safe shooting

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