DSC 1 Success.

Sorry I haven’t been around for a while, we were busy making sure all our preparations for the first Level 1 course were finished which was more time consuming than I first thought!

Well done to all the candidates who passed, you studied hard for what is actually quite a stern test, even the experienced stalkers taking it were very surprised how much information there was to take in. Unfortunately when it came to the shooting test we had one failure due to a badly zeroed rifle and nerves! I am happy to say that everybody who had done a level 1 walkthrough with me passed on their first attempt and it is a great reflection on us that the person who did fail has booked a couple of one to one sessions with me so he will be better prepared for his retake in September. The reports and feedback we have had on the course certainly made the hard work worthwhile and Nick Lane our assessor (the head of training for DMQ) was delighted with our first effort as well as the facilities we use and is coming back to help us again in September. If anyone is taking their Level 1 even if not with us, come and spend a bit of time at the range to make sure your rifle is zeroed properly and do the walkthrough, I guarantee it will be time well spent.

Now, onto some more stuff to whet your appetite. As many of you will know I am a Blaser convert but not everyone likes the straight pull action so for those out there who may like something a bit more traditional I have taken delivery of a couple of turn bolts in the shape of some Mauser MO3’s obviously with Swarovski glass on top, I will be putting them through their paces in the next few weeks so watch this space. I will also be reviewing a new clothing line from Harkila which so far I am very impressed with, and I don’t dish out praise readily!

Finally, I have an idea for a future project at the range which I can barely contain myself about, but I will for now, suffice to say – here piggy piggy!


Safe shooting.

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