Munty madness!

A couple of weeks ago I was sitting in a highseat waiting for a roebuck to pop its head out. I had taken the Buttolo call with me as I have had some great success with it in the past. I had literally got to the third squeak when this Muntjac doe came crashing out of the undergrowth next to me, I apologise in advance for the shaky video but I was trying to video and call at the same time whilst staying quiet and stationary, the closest she came was around 5 metres away. As you can see she is heavily pregnant and would be the ideal cull animal but sometimes there’s more to stalking than shooting deer – I’m sure you’ll agree! Once she started barking there was no point hanging around so I moved further up the wood where I could still hear her 30 minutes later! After an hour I returned to the same highseat and 15 mins after that this chap appeared! Enjoy the video.

Safe shooting.


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