Bisley Live – the aftermath!

As many people may know, I spent the weekend at the inaugural Bisley live event. There were high hopes for the event with talk of 30,000 people attending over the course of the weekend. Unfortunately the weather and high ticket prices kept a good number of people away, having said that, enough people attended to certainly make the event a success and most of the trade exhibitors have re-booked for next year so with a little tweaking I’m fairly sure we can expect it to become a permanent feature in the diary.

During the entire event I was a guest of Open Season and  I was able to not only promote the range and its wide range of facilities but also to have some fairly in depth discussions with them from which came some incredibly exciting ideas. These ideas are still just that, ideas, but rest assured the big ones will definitely be rolled out sooner rather than later – the first of these is our new Hunting Club, the exact details of which I have yet to thrash out but will largely consist of a Bronze, Silver and Gold membership whereby members will have different levels of access to stalking which can be used for a multitude of purposes from basic stalking to level 2 witnessed stalks with anything in between. Any members of the club will also have a range of Blaser or Mauser rifles to try all covered in high end optics – does it get any better than that? I will of course keep the blog updated with developments and will hopefully be able to shed more light in the next ten days or so.

Since I built the range I have been so busy at the coal face so to speak that I have had little time to sit back and see the real potential the range and the facilities we offer actually have but at the weekend I was genuinely taken aback by the number of exhibitors and manufacturers who were genuinely impressed with what I have done at the range and I am really looking forward to developing and growing some of these relationships for the benefit of the range and all its clients.

Safe shooting.

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