The Hunting Club – A new stalking concept.

As the sharper eyed amongst you may have noticed, a new tab has appeared on the website – The Hunting Club.

Since our re-launch in spring this year we have got busier and busier with training courses, range bookings and stalking. The Hunting club follows on with our ethos of providing innovative ideas whilst retaining integrity.

Many of the candidates who have passed through our level 1 courses have already been out stalking with us and are expressing a desire to learn more, I am also getting a steady stream of enquiries for accompanied stalking from more accomplished stalkers wishing to take advantage of the areas over which we have access. As many people know, throughout the Autumn and Winter I spend a good deal of my time out on the ground which not only gives me a steady supply of venison for our Venison business – Withington Wild Venison, but also gives me an opportunity to give clients an insight into a deer managers life whilst working on an individuals stalking skills with the chance of an animal to boot.

When I initially put pen to paper for the website I didn’t want to go down the route of selling stalking or becoming a sporting agent. This was for two reasons, firstly there are plenty of people doing the same and at Dama deer services I want us to stand out for what we represent which is becoming increasingly difficult these days, secondly and more importantly for me, I hate disappointing people, this may sound strange but I am used to not bringing home the bacon and can live with it, either I’ve made a mistake or the deer just weren’t playing ball, but apologising to a client at the end of a fruitless day which they’ve been looking forward to maybe for weeks is always hard and I’m often more disappointed than the client!

Whilst The Hunting Club doesn’t guarantee success, it offers a few benefits to make the whole experience more complete, a sugar coated pill if you like, the outings themselves work out cheaper, discounted range time is included in the price and a range of Blaser and Mauser rifles covered in high end optics are available for use at no cost. Also, any animals which are taken may be bought at dealer rates and supplied fully butchered and vacuum packed to the members own requirement.

The basis for membership is a Bronze, Silver and Gold package.

The Bronze membership comprises of three accompanied outings and three discounted range sessions – these sessions can be used for training purposes for novices or practice for more accomplished shots.

The Silver membership comprises of six accompanied outings and six discounted range sessions as well as any subsequent stalks being charged at £80 per outing (normally £90).

The Gold membership comprises of 14 accompanied outings and 10 discounted range sessions as well as any subsequent stalks being charged at £75 per outing (normally £90).

The cost of membership is as follows:

Bronze – £250.00 (£50 saving)
Silver – £475.00 (£125 saving)
Gold – £1000.00 (£460 saving)

There are no cull fees charged  for cull animals and if a medal class animal or other such representative animal is required we will do our best to accommodate at a relevant cost. The membership covers a one year period. All outings can be used for training purposes such as our pre-level 2 and if necessary can be taken as a witnessed stalk for a level 2 portfolio. Any members of the Home Office approved club based on site will be entitled to an extra stalk as they already receive discounted range sessions.

There will be a limited number of memberships for all categories for the first year and I am pleased to say we already have our first of each membership!

If you have any queries or require any further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

Safe shooting.

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