The Blaser & Mauser fitting centre goes live!

The purchase of a new rifle can be a minefield, what caliber? What length barrel? Wood or synthetic? The list goes on and when that rifle in question has a starting price of nearly £2000 you need to be sure you get exactly what you want first time of asking.

Many people know of my addiction to Blaser rifles but recently I borrowed a couple of Mausers from Open Season, the UK importers and distributors – in short I tried to pick fault but in reality I couldn’t to which end I even wrote a blog about them and a couple of weeks ago I bought one for the range!

Having given the way people purchase rifles a great deal of thought and from my own experiences at the range I decided a new approach was needed. Since the range opened I have been responsible for the sale of many Blasers and high end optics, why? Because I let people get their hands on one to shoot, not have a look at one on a shelf with no scope, bipod etc. but a real live working rifle that gets used almost daily in the field by a professional stalker. In reality they pretty much sell themselves after this but my point is if you are spending £2-£3k on a rifle it has to be right and the modular system for which Blaser and Mauser are renowned lends itself perfectly to this idea.

Enter the Blaser/Mauser Fitting Centre. What this will enable a potential buyer to do is book a fitting at the range and discuss calibre selection, get a proper feel for the rifle with a wooden or synthetic stock, a standard or short barrel and try the most popular stalking calibres in a Blaser R8 or R93 or a Mauser MO3 in wood or synthetic again in different calibres and barrel lengths, as well as discussing optics and the different mounting options, effectively custom building their Blaser or Mauser and not just accepting what’s on a dealers shelf or pictures and information from a catalogue. Nowhere else can you go and see such a comprehensive array of Blaser and Mauser rifles to try before you make the decision on what could be the rifle of a lifetime, in short you will be able to put together a bespoke Blaser or Mauser to fit your own needs precisely.

So, if you’re thinking about a Blaser or a Mauser and want to make absolutely sure that you get exactly what you want then book a fitting and come and see and feel the difference for yourself. You wont be disappointed.

Safe shooting.

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