Lantra Training

Next week we will be running our first Lantra pest control course under the guidance of our Lantra instructor Joe Davin. Joe is probably one of the leading experts in firearms instruction and guidance in the UK and has worked alongside the police and other leading authorities in firearms training.

Our Lantra courses were a little slow to get going but have recently enjoyed something of a resurgence with two courses booked in a very short space of time, all the most popular relevant courses are offered, from rimfire basics to centre fire fox control, obviously we have the benefit of being one of only three Lantra approved firearms sites in the country (if the course isn’t run at a Lantra approved site no certificate will be issued) we also work with all the local colleges and ensure that potential candidates get the best possible training, so for all your training needs you know where to come.

For more details of all the courses we run, see the website or contact us for details.

Safe shooting.

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