Happy New Year!

Firstly may I wish you all a very happy, healthy and prosperous new year.

The start to 2012 has already been a busy one with several hunting club members having very successful outings. More good news on the stalking front, we have just taken on a new estate near Hungerford with a huge head of deer on it including fallow, roe and muntjac, both cull and medal class. This won’t be reserved for just Hunting Club members but it will be for existing range clients only, so if you fancy a trip out, give me a call or drop me an e-mail. Last week a good friend of ours, one of the Firearms enquiry officers for Gloucestershire took not only his first but his second deer with me, a roe doe followed by a young fallow – Roly had been out with various people before, nine outings in total, all unsuccessful, then I took him out!

On the training courses front, our first course of 2012 is a Level 1 course running on the 4th, 5th and 6th of February followed by another on the 24th, 25th and 26th March. The February course is fully booked but we still have a couple of spaces on the March one so if you’re thinking of doing it, don’t hang around. The reloading course is gaining momentum with several people already booked in for January – not surprising with factory ammunition now topping £40 for a box of 20 – these are all run on a one to one basis and represent great value for money – contact me for details.

The Fieldsports Channel programme was a huge success for us with enquiries coming in less than 15 minutes after the programme was aired, Swarovski and Blaser/Mauser were both delighted, so much so that I am meeting in early February with both companies to discuss an open day in early summer, probably May,  where you will be able to come and get your hands on all the latest kit from both companies and try it for yourself on the range, obviously as soon as I have something concrete I will put up a post.

That about brings us up to date, I have all but acheived my cull numbers locally and will soon be heading to my Southern estates to get busy, with every single animal going to either a butcher or to our local retailers – not one to the game dealers. Lets hope venison continues to grow in popularity and that more robust traceability comes about to keep the numbers of illegally taken deer entering the food-chain down as low as possible, evidence of poaching is now becoming all too obvious in many areas with a high deer population and many of my keepers are complaining on a regular basis, we must be vigilant and involve the law, if we persist they will eventually listen as its not only the police who will get involved if the situation warrants it, the DVLA, RSPCA as well as the Inland revenue will all have a go so don’t hesitate to report any suspicious activity.


Safe shooting.


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