Wipe Out – Instructions for use.

One of the most common questions I’m asked at the range is “how do I clean my rifle?” The first thing I ask is what cleaning products are being used the answers I receive are pretty alarming. I have already extolled the virtues of Wipe Out and it is the only product I ever use on all my rifles – the only thing lacking is a description of how to use it, until now.

Before cleaning the rifle, make sure it is secured well, preferably in some sort of cradle.To clean a rifle with wipeout you will need a one piece cleaning rod, a spear tip jag, cotton patches (calibre specific) and a nylon brush (NOT a metallic one) and a bore guide.

Step 1 – Remove loose fouling.

Fix the bore guide in place to stop cleaning fluids getting into the action or on the stock. Attach a patch to the jag and wet it with a few drops of Wipeout liquid (or TA), push this through the barrel and discard  (it will probably come out fairly black) Repeat this several times until the patches are coming out much cleaner, there is no need to put dozens of patches through as the next step will make more difference – between 2 and 6 should remove enough after which a clean patch should be passed through.

Step 2 – Remove Carbon and Copper.

Wet a patch with Accelerator and pass slowly through the barrel, now apply a few drops of Wipeout liquid to the nylon brush and vigourously brush up and down inside the barrel without the brush leaving the end of the barrel completely, this will protect the crown whilst the nylon bristles will flex back and forth and form suds inside the barrel to get into all the rifling. Leave this for ten minutes and then put a clean patch through, the coloration will tell you what is being removed, black is powder fouling, brown is carbon and blue is copper. Repeat this process until patches come out clean, easy. A clean patch means a clean barrel.

(Wipeout liquid and TA can both be used without the need for accelerator but will take considerably longer – in this case a wet patch of Wipeout will be sufficient to wet the barrel rather than the nylon brush.)


Although wipeout (and TA) contain a powerful anti-corrosive, if the barrel is likely to be stored without firing for over a month place a few drops of a synthetic gun oil onto a patch and run slowly through the bore but always remember to degrease the barrel thoroughly before use with either methylated spirit or other proprietary degreaser. This doesn’t apply to stainless barrels.

Know how your rifle behaves after cleaning, whether you need a fouling shot. Two out of my four stalking calibre’s need one fouling shot to regain their zero, the first shot is 1cm off zero, hardly worth worrying about I know but I am a bit of a perfectionist.


As can be seen from the above instructions Wipeout is incredibly easy to use, doesn’t affect accuracy and is cost effective. Why wouldn’t you clean your rifle?


Safe shooting.



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