Wipe Out – The best just got better.

About a month ago I was given a bottle of a new Wipe Out product to try – Wipe Out Tactical Advantage (TA) For the last few months I have been using, recommending and selling the Wipe out products exclusively so when I first heard of this new product last year I was very interested.

After a great deal of trial and error I decided that rather than stock the full range of products it would be better to stock the ones that people actually needed – I’m not a shop and will only recommend products that actually work, and work well! My two stock products have been the Wipeout liquid and Accelerator (the foam is just too messy), the missing link was a carbon remover and for this I recommended Carb-out. The problem with Carb-out was that it ate its way out of the packaging and so I was reluctant to keep it in stock added to which, it was another product to mess about with.

The Wipe Out TA has the added advantage of being formulated to enhance its carbon removing qualities as well as containing a more powerful anti-corrosive. In my earlier wipe out blog I mentioned the importance of removing carbon, well here is a product that does that as well as removing copper and leaving some protection against corrosion in the barrel, an all in one, it can also be used with accelerator to speed up the process.

Since September my stalking rifles have very little cleaning, a patch of wipeout being enough for me, purely because they are used almost daily and usually just with a shot or two so no heavy fouling. The range rifles however are a different story often with many hundreds of rounds fired during a week and sometimes daily – so they need a proper deep clean to maintain their accuracy, neither do I have enough spare time to spend hours on end scrubbing carbon and copper out of a barrel hence the reason I use wipe out.

Today I took delivery of a stock of the new product and will gradually replace the old product with, even more good news, its the same price as the original!


Safe shooting.

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