Rifle Cleaning Clinic.

Following on from my recent blogs and videos on Wipeout I have decided to offer a new service at the range, a Cleaning Clinic.

Are you unsure of how to clean your rifle? Do you know where your rifle shoots after it has been cleaned? How do you know if it is actually clean? Are you struggling to shoot a decent group?

Whilst I use, recommend and supply the Wipeout products I can also show you how to use them properly on your rifle which you can then test on the range.

The clinic will consist of a Zeroing and cleaning session lasting around an hour during which you will shoot some test groups then clean the rifle thoroughly and then shoot some more test groups. This will enable you to see not only the before and after results and what is coming out of your barrel but also hopefully give you the confidence to clean your rifle on a more regular basis, safe in the knowledge that a completely clean rifle can be taken out stalking – where else can this be done so easily?

The cost of this is £35 which will include £5 towards the cost of the two Wipeout products.

With the Roe buck season underway why not come and make sure that your rifle is ready, who knows when that Gold medal will walk out?


Safe shooting.


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