Swarovski and Mauser Open Weekend – May 26th & 27th.

Our annual open weekend this year will be held at The Corinium Range on Saturday and Sunday the 26th and 27th of May  and sees Swarovski and Mauser showcasing their wares for all. Rather than just come and have a look at what these two high end manufacturers have to offer, come and get your hands on the kit, all set up and shoot some targets both reactive steel and paper. The ammunition has kindly been provided by RUAG, importers of Norma and RWS ammunition.

As well as being able to shoot the rifles, we have decided to gear the setups to specific and popular disciplines to show just how versatile the Mauser system can be as well as mounting the relevant Swarovski optic on top, for instance, how many serious fox shooters have considered a Mauser? Now they can, there will be a heavy barrelled setup with a high magnification scope in .223 with a metal fox target to shoot. There will also be two deer stalking outfits, one traditional and one slightly quirky, both with metal deer targets to shoot.

And finally, we always try to have something special, a crowd pleaser. On the first open day we had a Blaser LRS2 in .338 Lapua Magnum to shoot, where the cost of the ammunition went to Help for Heroes, how were we going to top that? How about a Mauser MO3 in .375 H & H Magnum and a metal pig? Again the cost for the ammunition will be going to Help for Heroes (this will be limited to current Firearms Certificate holders only.)

Light refreshments will be available as well as our legendary Withington Wild Venison burgers which will attract a minimum donation again going to H4H. There will also be a raffle with some donations from Mauser and Swarovski.

So, If you’re thinking about a new rifle, scope or some new binoculars, put it in your diaries now and come along for a couple of hours and see just how good this kit is.

Gates open at 10.00, last shots 16.00.

Please contact us for any further details, also see shooting press for more details.Anyone wishing to shoot the rifles will need to be a member of an external organisation such as BASC, BDS, NGO, NRA etc. this is to comply with Home Office regulations, if you are at all unsure please give us a call.

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