Flaming June!

The end of May saw the open weekend for Mauser and Swarovski and what a scorcher it was which actually worked against us with many people taking advantage of the first decent weekend of the summer to either get away or stay at home in the garden and bask in the sun. However, a decent number of serious shooters came along to have a play with all the latest kit on offer from Swarovski as well as the new Mauser MO3 Target as reviewed by Pete Moore of Shooting Sports magazine.

The venison burgers donated by Withington Wild venison went down well as always with a sum of around £125 being sent to Help for Heroes – not as much as we’d hoped but thank the sunshine for that.

Talking of sunshine – whats happened to it? Speaking to several professional stalkers, we are all finding it quiet at the moment, the animals are there no doubt but finding them is an all together different story. Its at times like these that I think to myself, “where would I be if I were a deer?” Tucked up in cover, thats where, the recent gales and downpours are certainly enough to put most people off getting out, lets hope things improve over the next few weeks leading up to the rut and that we finally see some decent weather.

A few months ago I posted a blog about a Safari club, this has now gained a good deal of momentum and we will hopefully be offering both management packages as well as trophy opportunities at some very competitive rates towards the Autumn – watch this space.

Speaking of the Autumn, Fallow bucks come back into season in four weeks time and we have plenty to go at on our estates so if you fancy getting amongst some when the mornings and evenings start to get a little cooler give us a call.

Lastly, on June 19th I attended my Witness briefing to become one of if not the youngest Approved Witness for Level 2. Level 2 is widely regarded as the pinnacle of deer stalking qualifications and we can now offer full training as well as witnessing for this either on your own ground or on our own estates.

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Safe shooting.

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