Blaser and Mauser dealership.

Some months ago I launched a new initiative, the try before you buy concept for a rifle – the Blaser/Mauser fitting centre, where prospective buyers could come and try one of these fantastic rifles for themselves rather than staring at one on a shop shelf. As my previous posts explained, the purchase of a stalking rifle particularly one with the price tag of a Blaser or Mauser is a big step, you wouldn’t buy a new car without test driving it so why not do the same with a rifle? And to a degree, its the same process, you may want extras or may have specific requirements.

Ever since I opened the range I have had a fantastic working relationship with Open Season the importers of Blaser and Mauser and have now taken that to a new level by becoming the official dealer for the Gloucestershire and Wiltshire area. We can supply the exact rifle for your needs, most importantly we can help you decide what is the exact rifle for your needs – what sets us apart from the rest is how we do it. Come to see us, handle the rifles, shoot the rifles and discuss your needs with someone who uses them on a daily basis either on the range or in the field as my recent post “From Start to Finish” highlighted – let us supply your rifle, let us put it together and mount the scope properly, let us help you zero it properly at no cost and then let us take you stalking to try and christen it.

If you have any queries regarding Blaser and Mauser rifles or want to see what  all the fuss is about and get behind one give us a call, you wont be disappointed.


Safe shooting.

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