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R8 – Perfection perfected.

Since selling my Sauers some years ago and moving onto Blaser I didn’t really think that the R93 could be improved upon. For many years it has been the best selling sporting rifle in Europe, first introduced in 1993 it has steadily outsold all other rifle brands for nearly 20 years, thats some pedigree. Countless […]

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Africa calling!

It seems a long time since I thought of the Safari Club concept to follow on from the Hunting club so when one of my regulars came to the range a few weeks ago to sort out his kit prior to heading to Scotland, and casually said, “so when are we going to Africa?”  it […]

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Mauser M03 – From Foxes to Wildebeest!

A little over a year ago I put a couple of Mauser M03’s through their paces at the range and was pleasantly surprised by their handling and shooting capabilities (see Meccano Mauser). Until that time I had been a serial Blaser user and anyone who knows me will know what I’m talking about, but after […]

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