Africa calling!

It seems a long time since I thought of the Safari Club concept to follow on from the Hunting club so when one of my regulars came to the range a few weeks ago to sort out his kit prior to heading to Scotland, and casually said, “so when are we going to Africa?”  it reminded me to get it sorted. To be honest I’d been so busy with the range and making a dent in cull figures that I’d forgotten about it, however, that simple question reignited my enthusiasm. The following weeks were a blur with emails flying between here and the Eastern Cape, what started with several possibilities was soon whittled down to two contenders.

What I wanted was an outfitter who could see the benefit of what I do here in the UK and who could offer us the same sort of experience in Africa, that is, management work at a sensible price with a few extras to sweeten the deal. In the end only one outfitter excelled, he was prompt, efficient, very reasonable and extremely accommodating and we are pleased to announce our involvement with Kubusi Safaris, an outfitter based in Grahamstown a short drive from Port Elizabeth, and being based in the Eastern Cape it offers fabulous hunting in a temperate climate with none of the risks associated with other African venues such as Malaria.

The Safari club offers an opportunity to travel to South Africa to hunt plains game species as part of a management program with a trophy animal included in the cost, it will be based around a weeklong trip involving five days hunting with two hunters per PH (one to one is available if required), each hunt will involve both hunters, the animals include Blesbuck, Impala, Warthog, Kudu and Blue Wildebeest with a trophy of either Blesbuck, Impala, Warthog, Springbuck, Duiker or Mountain Reedbuck. Obviously if any Safari club member has a particular agenda or specific requirements we can organise this at cost.

Full board accommodation is included in the package with a number of options, from a luxury en-suite tent overlooking the river to individual chalets to a colonial style lodge. A daily laundry service is available reducing the need to take too much extra clothing.

As with the Hunting club, I am supplying two rifles for use, a Blaser R8 in 30-06 and a Mauser M03 in 300 Win Mag both with Swarovski optics atop, however if an individual wishes to take their own firearm in a suitable calibre we can assist with whatever paperwork is required. Similarly, flights can be organised on behalf of the client unless otherwise required, flights are usually from Heathrow to Port Elizabeth via Johannesburg, this is a long flight so we recommend an upgrade to premium economy for a moderate cost especially for the return journey after a hard weeks hunting.

Prior to any trip we will have a meet and greet on at least two occasions for all members to get to know one another and get some valuable practice off sticks hopefully followed by a BBQ or a meal locally to the range.

Whilst our involvement with Kubusi Safaris is an ongoing relationship for the Safari club and only available to existing Hunting club members, we can also offer individually tailored packages for other groups of hunters wishing to experience African hunting and the Safari club will not just be limiting itself to South Africa with many opportunities available in Europe such as Hungary, Croatia and Poland which we will explore in due course.

For more details of the Safari club or any of the packages we can offer please contact us for details.


Safe Shooting.

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